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FCC Cracks Down on Data Collection and Sharing Practices

Posted in Advertising, FCC, Internet, Privacy, Regulations
The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a set of Internet consumer privacy regulations that would be applicable to providers of wireless and broadband internet services (such as Comcast, Verizon, etc.) (collectively, “ISPs”), akin to current regulations imposed on telephony services. If approved, the proposed regulations would represent some of the most… Continue Reading

California AG’s “Recommendations” Suggest New Standards for Privacy Protection in Apps

Posted in Mobile, Privacy, Regulations
California’s attorney general recently released a set of privacy practice recommendations for app developers. The recommendations, which the California AG acknowledged offer greater protection than existing privacy law, are not legally binding. However, since the AG is charged with enforcing the California Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA), the recommendations provide insight into how that law… Continue Reading

The FTC’s Final Privacy Report Highlights Consumer Choice and Control

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
Last week, the FTC issued its final report on protecting consumer privacy.  The report, entitled "Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: Recommendations For Businesses and Policymakers", builds on a December 2010 staff report that was the subject of an earlier post.  While the final report maintains the FTC’s “bottom up” approach to… Continue Reading

Recent Data Breaches May Spur Congressional Action on Data Regulations

Posted in Privacy, Regulations, Social Media
In the wake of the recently publicized data breach involving Sony’s PlayStation and Online Entertainment networks, Congress appears ready to accelerate its efforts to enact legislation to implement regulations intended to prevent future breaches and provide a framework for enforcement in the event of a breach.  The data breaches at Sony, which occurred on two… Continue Reading

Bipartisan Privacy Bill of Rights Act Introduced in Senate

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
Last Tuesday, U.S. Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) introduced the Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 which is intended to “establish a regulatory framework for the comprehensive protection of personal data for individuals under the aegis of the Federal Trade Commission.”  According to the bill, current laws at the state and federal… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: “App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem” – April 7, 2011

Posted in Advertising, Events, Intellectual Property, Internet, Privacy, Regulations, Technology
On April 7, the Digital HHR team will be presenting "App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem", the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars. The explosive popularity of tablets, smartphones and other Internet-connected consumer devices has ushered in a new technology ecosystem driven by Apps. These self-contained software programs have not… Continue Reading

States Jump Into the Security Breach Breach

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
As discussed in our recent webinar “Whose Data Is It Anyway: Privacy in the De-Centralized Digital World”, currently there is no comprehensive federal statutory scheme to govern the protection of privacy.  While lawmakers and agencies at the federal level continue to grapple with developing useful legislation to address privacy and security breach concerns, lawmakers in… Continue Reading

Device Fingerprinting and Targeted Margeting: The Next Digital Privacy Battleground?

Posted in Privacy, Technology
In one of the latest advances in what has been called “a technological arms race between tracking companies and people who seek not to be monitored,” device fingerprinting, a technology originally developed to prevent software piracy and credit card fraud, appears set to become a powerful new tool for online marketers.  But recent calls to… Continue Reading

Discovery of Privacy Breaches on Facebook Puts New Emphasis on Debate Over Personal Data Protection

Posted in Advertising, Privacy, Regulations, Social Media
The recent Wall Street Journal report revealing that some of Facebook’s most popular applications have been leaking user information has brought attention to a little-known corner of the Web advertising business.  And that attention may ultimately lead to substantial changes in the way companies do business both with Facebook and throughout the wider Web.  The… Continue Reading

Recent Activities in Washington Point to Complex Issues for Regulating Privacy

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
Recent activities out of Washington have again turned the spotlight on the complexity of protecting privacy in an era of targeted advertising and what role, if any, the federal government might take to implement regulations on the collection and use of data related to consumers’ digital habits. This week the chair of the House Caucus… Continue Reading

European “Three Strikes” Initiatives Move Beyond Concept and Become Law

Posted in Regulations
Over the last year, we’ve been following the recent trends in Europe regarding “three strikes” legislation, where end-users may be subject to sanction by their ISPs for repeated acts of copyright infringement.  Following passage of the first such law in France last fall, the United Kingdom followed suit in early 2010 with passage of the… Continue Reading

Privacy Issues for iAd May Be Pre-cursor for Mobile Ad Stakeholders

Posted in Advertising, Mobile, Privacy, Technology
Since its launch this past Spring, Apple’s new iAd interface has promised to change the landscape of mobile advertising and how consumers and advertisers interact. But the multiple, interlocking terms of use, developer agreements and privacy policies that govern various aspects of the iAd system also raise some interesting issues surrounding the collection and sharing… Continue Reading

Legislation to Bar Fed Workers from Downloading P2P Software Introduced in House

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
A highly classified house ethics committee report outlining inquiries involving dozens of members of Congress was recently leaked over the Internet after a junior committee staff member saved it on the hard drive of his home computer, on which he happened to have peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software installed.  There is no evidence the staffer… Continue Reading

Controversial Maine Privacy Law Sidelined Pending Further Review

Posted in Privacy
In a move applauded by a wide coalition of companies doing business online, Maine’s attorney general recently decided that she will not enforce a law banning the use of personal information about minors for marketing purposes that went into effect on September 12.  The “Act To Prevent Predatory Marketing Practices against Minors“, prohibits companies from collecting… Continue Reading

In-Game Placement: Guns, Guitars and Gadgets: Think Again Before You Depict Something You Don’t Own or License in Your Video Game

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Fair Use, Gaming, Privacy, Technology
If you are designing or developing a video game that depicts this planet or any other fictional world, then you need a pair of trained legal eyes to review the people, places, products and things that will be featured in the game. Go it alone, and you are traveling down a windy road that intersects… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week Ending March 21, 2009

Posted in Advertising, Music, Privacy, Technology
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr.   As online, targeted advertising becomes more and more common, the question of balancing privacy concerns and commercial demands is becoming increasingly more complex.  While website privacy policies can disclose how information provided to the site’s publisher may be used, they can’t explain how and why you are being shown… Continue Reading

Online Behavioral Tracking – Some Say Simple Honesty Works Best

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Privacy, Regulations, Technology
There are lots of ways to track our Internet use these days – and its scary to think that each and every piece of information related to such use, including the sites we visit and the products we purchase, are “fair game” for advertisers.  In particular, behavioral targeting, which essentially tracks our use of the… Continue Reading

News Round-Up – Week Ending February 6, 2009

Posted in Internet, News, Privacy, Video
Click here to receive regular updates and articles.       While we haven’t quite figured out if there is a direct link, as the economic news got worse at the end of 2008, online video activity increased.  According to comScore, online viewing reached a record high with U.S. Internet users watching 14.3 billion videos… Continue Reading

News Round-Up – Week Ending January 30, 2009

Posted in Copyright, Internet, News, Privacy, Video
Click here to receive regular updates and articles. The New York Times, owners of, and GateHouse Media agreed on the eve of trial to settle their copyright lawsuit.  As part of the settlement, the complete details of which aren’t available, the headlines and first sentences from GateHouse articles will be removed from listings on… Continue Reading

A Costly COPPA Mistake

Posted in Privacy, Regulations
The FTC announced today that Sony BMG Music has agreed to pay a $1 million fine to settle charges that it violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  COPPA requires website operators to meet specific requirements prior to collecting children’s personal information, including: posting a privacy policy with a notice of what information it… Continue Reading

“One-Stop-Shopping” for Social Networking

Posted in Internet, Privacy, Social Media, Technology
With the proliferation of social networking website use, the concept of “data portability” is influencing the development of solutions to allow users to access multiple online profiles and social utility networks all in one place . . . it’s all about the easy access these days.  In addition, technology that enables a users particular online… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.04.08

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Internet, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news:  Yahoo is getting out of the stand-alone Internet radio business.  It has reached an agreement with CBS Radio for the operation and ad-sales operations for LAUNCHcast radio channel.  Yahoo employees will continue to handle programming.  According to this report in the WSJ, the decision… Continue Reading