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Dance Dance Copyright Revolution: Interactive Gaming’s Upcoming Copyright Conundrum

Posted in Copyright, Gaming
The next interactive gaming revolution will soon be ushered in by a wave of gesture detection control systems, where the player’s body controls the action.  Beginning this year, game developers and publishers will have the technology to develop a viable motion capture-based game, one with more potential applications than any gaming console or system released… Continue Reading

Competing Interests in Tech Development Agreements

Posted in Technology
Probably the most critical set of provisions in a technology development contract is the one that defines the parties’ respective rights to use and exploit the developed technology–and its individual components–outside of the relationship formed by the contract. At its core, the relationship between the developer and “developee”–the entity who is need of development assistance–has certain… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.02.08

Posted in Advertising, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: The New York Times has a piece on Facebook Connect, a new initiative to extend the web’s most popular social networking service to other web sites.  The Huffington Post just closed a new round of financing totaling $25 million, bringing the company’s valuation to… Continue Reading