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FCC Cracks Down on Data Collection and Sharing Practices

Posted in Advertising, FCC, Internet, Privacy, Regulations
The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a set of Internet consumer privacy regulations that would be applicable to providers of wireless and broadband internet services (such as Comcast, Verizon, etc.) (collectively, “ISPs”), akin to current regulations imposed on telephony services. If approved, the proposed regulations would represent some of the most… Continue Reading

#ThinkBeforeYouPin: FTC Considers “Pinning” by Contest Entrants an Endorsement Requiring Disclosure

Posted in Advertising, Contest/Sweepstakes, Fashion, Internet, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
Over the past decade, social media has emerged as one of the world’s most dominant marketing tools for obvious reasons:  it is cost-effective, easily accessible, highly scalable and can dramatically increase brand awareness across multiple outlets and platforms.  Arguably, the most advantageous aspect of social media marketing is the ability for companies — both large… Continue Reading


Posted in Advertising, Regulations, Technology
In 2000, long before the launch of Twitter and Facebook, and the explosion of smartphones, tablets and other Internet-connected devices, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, was enacted to provide parents of children under the age of 13 with more visibility into, and control over, online publishers’ information collection and processing practices. COPPA requires,… Continue Reading

App Developers/Distributors Beware: FTC Now Cracking Down on Apps Targeting Children

Posted in Advertising, Privacy, Regulations
A prominent developer of mobile applications, W3 Innovations, LLC, the parent company of Broken Thumb Apps (“W3”), has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) in its first enforcement action involving mobile applications (“apps”), according to terms of the settlement announced last week. The FTC’s complaint, filed on… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: “App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem” – April 7, 2011

Posted in Advertising, Events, Intellectual Property, Internet, Privacy, Regulations, Technology
On April 7, the Digital HHR team will be presenting "App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem", the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars. The explosive popularity of tablets, smartphones and other Internet-connected consumer devices has ushered in a new technology ecosystem driven by Apps. These self-contained software programs have not… Continue Reading

Discovery of Privacy Breaches on Facebook Puts New Emphasis on Debate Over Personal Data Protection

Posted in Advertising, Privacy, Regulations, Social Media
The recent Wall Street Journal report revealing that some of Facebook’s most popular applications have been leaking user information has brought attention to a little-known corner of the Web advertising business.  And that attention may ultimately lead to substantial changes in the way companies do business both with Facebook and throughout the wider Web.  The… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week Ending June 5

Posted in News, Social Media
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. The Electronic Frontier Foundation released a "terms of service" tracker earlier this week. The tracker chronicles older and new terms of service agreements, side by side, and highlights changed provisions. The site was created in part from an outgrowth of Facebook’s change in its service agreement in February that,… Continue Reading

In-Game Placement: Guns, Guitars and Gadgets: Think Again Before You Depict Something You Don’t Own or License in Your Video Game

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Fair Use, Gaming, Privacy, Technology
If you are designing or developing a video game that depicts this planet or any other fictional world, then you need a pair of trained legal eyes to review the people, places, products and things that will be featured in the game. Go it alone, and you are traveling down a windy road that intersects… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week Ending March 21, 2009

Posted in Advertising, Music, Privacy, Technology
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr.   As online, targeted advertising becomes more and more common, the question of balancing privacy concerns and commercial demands is becoming increasingly more complex.  While website privacy policies can disclose how information provided to the site’s publisher may be used, they can’t explain how and why you are being shown… Continue Reading

News Round-up – Week Ending March 13, 2009

Posted in Advertising, Internet, News, Social Media
 Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. According to a new research study by Nielson Online, social sites like Facebook have surpassed e-mail as the number one online activity, with two-thirds of the world’s population visiting social networking or blogging sites.  What’s more, the “stickiness” of these sites is expanding, with one of every 11 minutes… Continue Reading

Online Behavioral Tracking – Some Say Simple Honesty Works Best

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Privacy, Regulations, Technology
There are lots of ways to track our Internet use these days – and its scary to think that each and every piece of information related to such use, including the sites we visit and the products we purchase, are “fair game” for advertisers.  In particular, behavioral targeting, which essentially tracks our use of the… Continue Reading

News Round-up – 01.13.09

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Mobile, Regulations
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive updates of the latest news:   E-commerce sites, especially Amazon, the biggest of them all, got some bad news as the New York Supreme Court upheld the validity of a law requiring e-tailers to collect state sales tax. Amazon and sued based on a 1992 Supreme Court… Continue Reading

News Round-Up – 12.10.08

Posted in Advertising, Internet, News, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive updates of the latest news:   One report says that ad spending on social networking sites will be lower than expected this year and will remain relatively flat in 2009.  Details from the WSJ are here.  The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has released a report… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.04.08

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Internet, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news:  Yahoo is getting out of the stand-alone Internet radio business.  It has reached an agreement with CBS Radio for the operation and ad-sales operations for LAUNCHcast radio channel.  Yahoo employees will continue to handle programming.  According to this report in the WSJ, the decision… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.02.08

Posted in Advertising, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: The New York Times has a piece on Facebook Connect, a new initiative to extend the web’s most popular social networking service to other web sites.  The Huffington Post just closed a new round of financing totaling $25 million, bringing the company’s valuation to… Continue Reading

Movement Towards Standardization of Mobile Ad Currency

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Mobile, Video
The Mobile Marketing Association (“MMA”), a non-profit industry trade group, recently announced the publication of a set of revised Global Mobile Measurement Ad Currency Definitions for the measurement of mobile media advertising currency, including: Ad Impression, Streaming Video Advertising, Rich Media Ad Impression and Click Measurement. The MMA does not intend for these “definitions”, which… Continue Reading

HHR Represented MTV Networks in Transaction to Monetize UGC on MySpace

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Events, Firm News, Press/Publications, Social Media
MTV Networks has signed agreements with MySpace and Auditude regarding the sale, display and distribution of advertising with user generated content posted to MySpace that contains MTV Networks’ programming.  HHR’s New Media, Entertainment and Technology team represented MTV Networks. Click here for more details.… Continue Reading

Impact of the Writers Guild Settlement On Digital Content Distribution

Posted in Advertising, Television
Impact of the Writers Guild Settlement On Digital Content Distribution February 2008 E-Alert: Impact of the Writer’s Guild In the coming days, the 10,500 striking members of The Writers Guild of America are expected to ratify a new, three-year agreement, which secures the writers a share of the digital media market by way of compensation… Continue Reading