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#ThinkBeforeYouPin: FTC Considers “Pinning” by Contest Entrants an Endorsement Requiring Disclosure

Posted in Advertising, Contest/Sweepstakes, Fashion, Internet, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
Over the past decade, social media has emerged as one of the world’s most dominant marketing tools for obvious reasons:  it is cost-effective, easily accessible, highly scalable and can dramatically increase brand awareness across multiple outlets and platforms.  Arguably, the most advantageous aspect of social media marketing is the ability for companies — both large… Continue Reading

Lindsay to Lead Workshop at Social Media Strategies Summit

Posted in Events, Social Media
On September 17th, Lindsay Orosz will be leading a workshop titled “Think Before You Tweet! – Untangling the Social Media Ecosystem and the Legal Risks That Come Along for the Ride” at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston, a three-day event which brings together executives from top brands to focus on managing successful social media footprints and employing other strategies in… Continue Reading

Twitter’s Embedded Tweet Functionality Further Erodes Control of Content Owners

Posted in Copyright, Social Media
Twitter recently updated its service, expanding how tweets can be embedded and displayed outside of its website. Instead of accessing tweets only through, individuals can now view full “Twitter cards” directly on any website. These cards include not only tweeted text but also any photo, video, or other content the tweet contains. Effectively, embedded… Continue Reading

Recent Data Breaches May Spur Congressional Action on Data Regulations

Posted in Privacy, Regulations, Social Media
In the wake of the recently publicized data breach involving Sony’s PlayStation and Online Entertainment networks, Congress appears ready to accelerate its efforts to enact legislation to implement regulations intended to prevent future breaches and provide a framework for enforcement in the event of a breach.  The data breaches at Sony, which occurred on two… Continue Reading

Discovery of Privacy Breaches on Facebook Puts New Emphasis on Debate Over Personal Data Protection

Posted in Advertising, Privacy, Regulations, Social Media
The recent Wall Street Journal report revealing that some of Facebook’s most popular applications have been leaking user information has brought attention to a little-known corner of the Web advertising business.  And that attention may ultimately lead to substantial changes in the way companies do business both with Facebook and throughout the wider Web.  The… Continue Reading

Social Networking Games, Sweepstakes, Promotions and the New Apps: Developing the Fine Line of Legality

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media, Technology
Over the last year, social networking sites, most notably those with a developer platform such as Facebook, have become hotbeds for virtual goods purchases, social gaming, sweepstakes and advertising-based promotions.  Many of these are based on custom-designed and developed third party applications and widgets, which are veritable revenue drivers for the platform operators.  Several months… Continue Reading

Playing by the FCC’s Rules? Google Voice Comes Under Fire

Posted in Internet, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently opened an inquiry into Google Voice, the popular messaging and call service offered by Google, and Google’s practice of blocking certain calls.   The inquiry was prompted by complaints from AT&T to the FCC accusing Google of unfairly blocking calls to certain numbers in rural areas where local phone companies charge… Continue Reading

Did Facebook look before it leaped with its Usernames program?

Posted in Litigation, Social Media
Since Facebook launched its Facebook Usernames initiative in mid-June, over 6 million unique individuals have registered usernames for their personal profiles, and over 15,000 usernames have been registered for Facebook Pages as well, which are commonly used by businesses and other organizations. In many ways, the program looks like a proprietary domain name registration system.… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week ending June 12, 2009

Posted in Copyright, Music, Social Media, Technology
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. The Performance Rights Act, which was approved by the House Judiciary Committee on May 13th, would levy fees on broadcasters for airing artists’ recordings. An indication of the heat generated by the debate over the PRA emerged this week when the musicFIRST Coalition, however, filed a complaint asking the… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week Ending June 5

Posted in News, Social Media
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. The Electronic Frontier Foundation released a "terms of service" tracker earlier this week. The tracker chronicles older and new terms of service agreements, side by side, and highlights changed provisions. The site was created in part from an outgrowth of Facebook’s change in its service agreement in February that,… Continue Reading

News Round-up – Week Ending March 13, 2009

Posted in Advertising, Internet, News, Social Media
 Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. According to a new research study by Nielson Online, social sites like Facebook have surpassed e-mail as the number one online activity, with two-thirds of the world’s population visiting social networking or blogging sites.  What’s more, the “stickiness” of these sites is expanding, with one of every 11 minutes… Continue Reading

Protecting Kids Online – Technology vs. Good Ol’ Fashioned Parenting

Posted in Internet, Social Media, Technology, Television
The proliferation of Internet use by children has undoubtedly challenged online service providers and technology providers alike. Protecting children from the various risks posed by Internet use has been, and continues to be, a major concern, as safety issues including sexual solicitation, online harassment, bullying and exposure to illegal content become more and more prevalent.… Continue Reading

“One-Stop-Shopping” for Social Networking

Posted in Internet, Privacy, Social Media, Technology
With the proliferation of social networking website use, the concept of “data portability” is influencing the development of solutions to allow users to access multiple online profiles and social utility networks all in one place . . . it’s all about the easy access these days.  In addition, technology that enables a users particular online… Continue Reading

News Round-Up – 12.10.08

Posted in Advertising, Internet, News, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive updates of the latest news:   One report says that ad spending on social networking sites will be lower than expected this year and will remain relatively flat in 2009.  Details from the WSJ are here.  The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has released a report… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.04.08

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Internet, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news:  Yahoo is getting out of the stand-alone Internet radio business.  It has reached an agreement with CBS Radio for the operation and ad-sales operations for LAUNCHcast radio channel.  Yahoo employees will continue to handle programming.  According to this report in the WSJ, the decision… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.03.08

Posted in Internet, Mobile, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: Some good news for Yahoo for a change as its stock jumps 7% on a report that Jonathan Miller, former CEO of AOL, is talking with private and sovereign equity funds about funding a buy-out of the company.  More details here. Maybe some good… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.02.08

Posted in Advertising, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: The New York Times has a piece on Facebook Connect, a new initiative to extend the web’s most popular social networking service to other web sites.  The Huffington Post just closed a new round of financing totaling $25 million, bringing the company’s valuation to… Continue Reading

HHR Represented MTV Networks in Transaction to Monetize UGC on MySpace

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Events, Firm News, Press/Publications, Social Media
MTV Networks has signed agreements with MySpace and Auditude regarding the sale, display and distribution of advertising with user generated content posted to MySpace that contains MTV Networks’ programming.  HHR’s New Media, Entertainment and Technology team represented MTV Networks. Click here for more details.… Continue Reading

State High Court Finds that Text Message Contest Does Not Violate Anti-Gambling Laws

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media
     Text Message Contest Not Gambling under Georgia Law    On April 21, 2008, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an argument that a promotional contest sponsored by NBC in connection with its hit show, “Deal or No Deal” violated Georgia’s anti-gambling laws. Because of the proliferation of text message-based promotional contests, this decision will likely have… Continue Reading