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DigitalHHR Team at DCM East Conference

Posted in Events, Gaming, Internet, Mobile, Music, News, Technology, Television
The DigitalHHR team will be appearing on several panels at next week’s DCM East conference in New York, a three-day gathering of more than 300 senior executives in the film, TV, sports, publishing, music, news and gaming industries focusing on strategies to build sustainable business and technology models to enable multi-platform delivery and monetization of digital… Continue Reading

Cloud Computing, Digital Lockers and Copyright: The Cloudification of Entertainment (Update)

Posted in Cloud, Copyright, Music, Technology
It is no surprise that the move to the cloud is in full swing. New methods of content distribution and consumption, coupled with the widespread proliferation of IP-enabled consumer devices, are driving the public’s relentless desire for “any content anywhere”.  The success of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on Demand, Flickr, and the emergence of novel content… Continue Reading — All quiet on the DMCA front?

Posted in Copyright, DMCA, Music is the recently launched online music service that caught the attention of the music industry, music-loving consumers and digital media commentators.  The service enables users to become DJs in a virtual music club divided into multiple rooms, each with enough space for five DJs and an audience of listeners.  The DJs take turns playing… Continue Reading

Matt to Speak on Panel at Princeton Club

Posted in Events, Music
Next week, Matthew Syrkin will present a panel on music licensing and related copyright issues to the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.  The panel, entitled “Beg, Borrow or Steal – Exploring Practical Solutions to the Music Sampling Debate” will take place on Monday, Oct. 18 at noon at the Princeton Club in Midtown.  Panelists will… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR to Present Live CLE-Accredited Webinar “Legal, Business and Operational Issues in Interactive Games Initiatives and Transactions” on September 16

Posted in Events, Gaming, Intellectual Property, Mobile, Music, Video
This first-of-a-kind, publicly-available, law firm-hosted, CLE-accredited Webinar will focus on the critical issues that are confronted in orlistat 60 mg game transactions. Our team will address issues such as: Structuring relationships between developers and publishers and the ownership issues that arise in development agreements, including work-for-hire, joint ownership and cross-licensing issues; Protecting against developer default or insolvency,… Continue Reading

Second Circuit Rules that Yahoo Doesn’t Have to Pay Fees to Record Labels for Webcasting Songs

Posted in DMCA, Music
In a decision applauded by webcasters and lamented by the recording industry, the Second Circuit ruled last week that individualized radio stations–such as those offered by LAUNCHcast and Pandora–are not "interactive services" under the DMCA, freeing the webcasters from the potentially massive financial burden of having to pay licensing fees to record labels for the… Continue Reading

News Round-Up — Week Ending July 10

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Internet, Music, Video
Click hereto subscribe to digitalhhr. Late last week, Judge Louis Stanton of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that plaintiffs in the high-profile copyright class action case against YouTube could not seek statutory damages for videos that are not registered under US copyright law. Judge Stanton also dismissed plaintiffs'… Continue Reading

You (Publicly) Play, You Pay: ASCAP After Ringtone Money and the Impact on Your Deals

Posted in Copyright, Mobile, Music, Technology
ASCAP is suing AT&T for failure to pay public performance royalties for their sale of musical ringtones. According to ASCAP's opposition to AT&T's recently filed motion, ASCAP rebukes AT&T’s claim that a ringtone is no different than a song downloaded from iTunes and therefore does not require the payment of performance royalties. In response, ASCAP… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week ending June 12, 2009

Posted in Copyright, Music, Social Media, Technology
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr. The Performance Rights Act, which was approved by the House Judiciary Committee on May 13th, would levy fees on broadcasters for airing artists’ recordings. An indication of the heat generated by the debate over the PRA emerged this week when the musicFIRST Coalition, however, filed a complaint asking the… Continue Reading

News Round-up — Week Ending March 21, 2009

Posted in Advertising, Music, Privacy, Technology
Click here to subscribe to digitalhhr.   As online, targeted advertising becomes more and more common, the question of balancing privacy concerns and commercial demands is becoming increasingly more complex.  While website privacy policies can disclose how information provided to the site’s publisher may be used, they can’t explain how and why you are being shown… Continue Reading

News Round-up – Week Ending February 27

Posted in Gaming, Music, News, Regulations
Click here to receive regular updates and news. The FCC announced plans to impose more than $12 million in fines on 600 telecoms that failed to file paperwork last year detailing how they are going to protect the privacy of their customers.  The FCC is seeking the fines because many of the phone companies, internet… Continue Reading

Are the days of terrestrial radio’s exemption for performance royalties numbered?

Posted in Music, Regulations
Capitol Hill will likely become a battleground this year in a contentious debate between musicians and record labels on one side and radio broadcasters on the other. The Performance Rights Act–which would require radio stations to pay royalties to artists and labels for songs they broadcast–will be reintroduced in Congress this week according to this… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.04.08

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Internet, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news:  Yahoo is getting out of the stand-alone Internet radio business.  It has reached an agreement with CBS Radio for the operation and ad-sales operations for LAUNCHcast radio channel.  Yahoo employees will continue to handle programming.  According to this report in the WSJ, the decision… Continue Reading

Note to Digital Content Owners: Time to Master Fair Use

Posted in Copyright, Fair Use, Music, Technology, Video
One copyright case that owners and licensors of digital content should be following closely in the coming months is the one brought against Universal Music Group by Stephanie Lenz, a Pennsylvania mom who posted a video on YouTube of her young son on a tricycle with Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” playing in the background. Universal… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.02.08

Posted in Advertising, Music, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: The New York Times has a piece on Facebook Connect, a new initiative to extend the web’s most popular social networking service to other web sites.  The Huffington Post just closed a new round of financing totaling $25 million, bringing the company’s valuation to… Continue Reading

Copyright Royalty Board Establishes First Time Mechanical Rates for Ringtones and Ad-supported Streaming Music

Posted in Copyright, E-alert, Internet, Music, Regulations, Technology
  Royalty Rate Analysis After months of hearings, testimony and deliberations, on October 2, 2008, the United States Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) announced newly established rates for royalties to be paid to writers and composers (as opposed to performers) whose musical compositions are made and distributed as sound recordings (i.e., phonorecords), including via (1) physical recordings… Continue Reading

Happy 10th Birthday, DMCA

Posted in Fair Use, Music
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act celebrated its 10th anniversary this week.  That milestone provides us with an excuse to take a brief look at the statute and some ways it has affected the digital marketplace. The DMCA was initially intended as the US implementation of two treaties adopted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)… Continue Reading

Publishers Driving the Copyright Royalty Board Bus (PART II)

Posted in Copyright, Internet, Music, Technology
As we previously noted, it was recently reported that in the midst of the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) hearings, the publishers, record labels and digital music providers (DiMA) agreed to a settlement on the royalty rates for limited downloads and Internet streaming, that are scheduled to ratified this October by the CRB. Given the sides’… Continue Reading