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California AG’s “Recommendations” Suggest New Standards for Privacy Protection in Apps

Posted in Mobile, Privacy, Regulations
California’s attorney general recently released a set of privacy practice recommendations for app developers. The recommendations, which the California AG acknowledged offer greater protection than existing privacy law, are not legally binding. However, since the AG is charged with enforcing the California Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA), the recommendations provide insight into how that law… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR Team at DCM East Conference

Posted in Events, Gaming, Internet, Mobile, Music, News, Technology, Television
The DigitalHHR team will be appearing on several panels at next week’s DCM East conference in New York, a three-day gathering of more than 300 senior executives in the film, TV, sports, publishing, music, news and gaming industries focusing on strategies to build sustainable business and technology models to enable multi-platform delivery and monetization of digital… Continue Reading

Mobile App Industry Attempts Self-Regulation

Posted in Mobile, Regulations, Technology
Mobile apps have blossomed from nothing into an expanding multi-billion dollar industry in just a few years.  Just last week, the millionth app went on sale somehere in the world.  And the industry is projected to continue to grow despite tough economic times.  A great deal of this growth stems from the increased access that… Continue Reading

Wayne to Moderate Panel at Digital Hollywood New York Conference

Posted in Cloud, Events, Mobile, Technology, Television
DigitalHHR’s Wayne Josel will be moderating a panel at the upcoming Digital Hollywood New York conference.  Entitled "Cloud Media & the Connected PC-TV-Mobile Universe: The New Face of the Digital Consumer", the panel will feature top executives from Verizon, HP, ActiveVideo Networks, Thwapr and IBB Consulting in a discussion on new initiatives to deliver content… Continue Reading

Privacy Issues for iAd May Be Pre-cursor for Mobile Ad Stakeholders

Posted in Advertising, Mobile, Privacy, Technology
Since its launch this past Spring, Apple’s new iAd interface has promised to change the landscape of mobile advertising and how consumers and advertisers interact. But the multiple, interlocking terms of use, developer agreements and privacy policies that govern various aspects of the iAd system also raise some interesting issues surrounding the collection and sharing… Continue Reading

Social Networking Games, Sweepstakes, Promotions and the New Apps: Developing the Fine Line of Legality

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media, Technology
Over the last year, social networking sites, most notably those with a developer platform such as Facebook, have become hotbeds for virtual goods purchases, social gaming, sweepstakes and advertising-based promotions.  Many of these are based on custom-designed and developed third party applications and widgets, which are veritable revenue drivers for the platform operators.  Several months… Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location: Is Apple Drawing a Line in the Sand in the Mobile Ad Space?

Posted in Advertising, Mobile, Technology
Apple recently posted an “App Store Tip” on its iPhone Dev Center putting developers on notice that location-based applications, whose primary purpose is to deliver geo-targeted ads, will no longer be permitted in the Apple Apps Store.  Apple permits developers to use Apple’s “Core Location” framework included in the iPhone OS software to build location-based… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR to Present Live CLE-Accredited Webinar “Legal, Business and Operational Issues in Interactive Games Initiatives and Transactions” on September 16

Posted in Events, Gaming, Intellectual Property, Mobile, Music, Video
This first-of-a-kind, publicly-available, law firm-hosted, CLE-accredited Webinar will focus on the critical issues that are confronted in orlistat 60 mg game transactions. Our team will address issues such as: Structuring relationships between developers and publishers and the ownership issues that arise in development agreements, including work-for-hire, joint ownership and cross-licensing issues; Protecting against developer default or insolvency,… Continue Reading

You (Publicly) Play, You Pay: ASCAP After Ringtone Money and the Impact on Your Deals

Posted in Copyright, Mobile, Music, Technology
ASCAP is suing AT&T for failure to pay public performance royalties for their sale of musical ringtones. According to ASCAP's opposition to AT&T's recently filed motion, ASCAP rebukes AT&T’s claim that a ringtone is no different than a song downloaded from iTunes and therefore does not require the payment of performance royalties. In response, ASCAP… Continue Reading

News Round-up – 01.13.09

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Mobile, Regulations
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive updates of the latest news:   E-commerce sites, especially Amazon, the biggest of them all, got some bad news as the New York Supreme Court upheld the validity of a law requiring e-tailers to collect state sales tax. Amazon and sued based on a 1992 Supreme Court… Continue Reading

DAILY ROUND-UP – 12.03.08

Posted in Internet, Mobile, News, Social Media, Video
What’s new in digital media?   Subscribe to to receive today’s news: Some good news for Yahoo for a change as its stock jumps 7% on a report that Jonathan Miller, former CEO of AOL, is talking with private and sovereign equity funds about funding a buy-out of the company.  More details here. Maybe some good… Continue Reading

Movement Towards Standardization of Mobile Ad Currency

Posted in Advertising, Internet, Mobile, Video
The Mobile Marketing Association (“MMA”), a non-profit industry trade group, recently announced the publication of a set of revised Global Mobile Measurement Ad Currency Definitions for the measurement of mobile media advertising currency, including: Ad Impression, Streaming Video Advertising, Rich Media Ad Impression and Click Measurement. The MMA does not intend for these “definitions”, which… Continue Reading

State High Court Finds that Text Message Contest Does Not Violate Anti-Gambling Laws

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media
     Text Message Contest Not Gambling under Georgia Law    On April 21, 2008, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an argument that a promotional contest sponsored by NBC in connection with its hit show, “Deal or No Deal” violated Georgia’s anti-gambling laws. Because of the proliferation of text message-based promotional contests, this decision will likely have… Continue Reading

Protecting Mobile Content Providers Against Improper Billing Practices of Third Parties

Posted in Mobile
  Pending Class Action Points to Potential Pitfalls While not directly involving mobile digital content provides, a class action lawsuit pending in Federal court in Massachusetts has brought into focus a practice that such providers must be aware of and protect themselves against. At issue in Knox and Esparza v. m-Qube, Inc. is “cramming” pursuant… Continue Reading