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Matt Quoted on Front Page of New York Times

Posted in Gaming, Press/Publications
Matt Syrkin was quoted in a front page article that ran in The New York Times on December 25, 2012.  The article, which was also syndicated around the world and on the front page of the International Herald Tribune, was titled “Real and Virtual Firearms Nurture a Marketing Link” and was about the growing ties… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR Team at DCM East Conference

Posted in Events, Gaming, Internet, Mobile, Music, News, Technology, Television
The DigitalHHR team will be appearing on several panels at next week’s DCM East conference in New York, a three-day gathering of more than 300 senior executives in the film, TV, sports, publishing, music, news and gaming industries focusing on strategies to build sustainable business and technology models to enable multi-platform delivery and monetization of digital… Continue Reading

US Supreme Court Strikes Down California Video Game Law

Posted in Gaming, Regulations
The Supreme Court has struck down a California law that sought to regulate the sale of  video games by imposing a labeling requirement based on content and prohibiting the rental or sale of certain games to minors.  In its decision, the Court found that, like books, plays and movies, video games communicate ideas through literary devices such… Continue Reading

HHR Represents Consumer Group in Challenge to California Video Game Law

Posted in Events, Gaming
The Entertainment Consumers Association (“ECA”) has retained Hughes Hubbard and the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic to assist it in submission of an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in a case with potentially wide-ranging impact on the video game industry.  The case, Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association, involves a California law that… Continue Reading

Social Networking Games, Sweepstakes, Promotions and the New Apps: Developing the Fine Line of Legality

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media, Technology
Over the last year, social networking sites, most notably those with a developer platform such as Facebook, have become hotbeds for virtual goods purchases, social gaming, sweepstakes and advertising-based promotions.  Many of these are based on custom-designed and developed third party applications and widgets, which are veritable revenue drivers for the platform operators.  Several months… Continue Reading

Dance Dance Copyright Revolution: Interactive Gaming’s Upcoming Copyright Conundrum

Posted in Copyright, Gaming
The next interactive gaming revolution will soon be ushered in by a wave of gesture detection control systems, where the player’s body controls the action.  Beginning this year, game developers and publishers will have the technology to develop a viable motion capture-based game, one with more potential applications than any gaming console or system released… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR to Present Live CLE-Accredited Webinar “Legal, Business and Operational Issues in Interactive Games Initiatives and Transactions” on September 16

Posted in Events, Gaming, Intellectual Property, Mobile, Music, Video
This first-of-a-kind, publicly-available, law firm-hosted, CLE-accredited Webinar will focus on the critical issues that are confronted in orlistat 60 mg game transactions. Our team will address issues such as: Structuring relationships between developers and publishers and the ownership issues that arise in development agreements, including work-for-hire, joint ownership and cross-licensing issues; Protecting against developer default or insolvency,… Continue Reading

Lessons from the NFL: The Importance of Scope and Duration in Drafting Intellectual Property License Grants

Posted in Gaming, Intellectual Property, Television
A group of retired players recently filed a class action suit (Dryer et al. v. National Football League) against the NFL claiming infringement and unauthorized use of their identities and likenesses to promote the NFL and sell NFL-related products without compensation.   This is yet another in a long list of cases brought by former athletes… Continue Reading

In-Game Placement: Guns, Guitars and Gadgets: Think Again Before You Depict Something You Don’t Own or License in Your Video Game

Posted in Advertising, Copyright, Fair Use, Gaming, Privacy, Technology
If you are designing or developing a video game that depicts this planet or any other fictional world, then you need a pair of trained legal eyes to review the people, places, products and things that will be featured in the game. Go it alone, and you are traveling down a windy road that intersects… Continue Reading

Not All Zombies Are Created Equal: Owners of Rights to “Dawn of the Dead” Lose Copyright Suit Over Popular Video Game

Posted in Copyright, Gaming, Litigation
In a decision that shocked some in Hollywood, a California district court recently held that a popular video game did not infringe on the copyrights of a previously-released motion picture, even though, at first glance, the game and film contained strikingly similar characters, themes, and plot lines.  With video games becoming more “cinematic” in their… Continue Reading

News Round-up – Week Ending February 27

Posted in Gaming, Music, News, Regulations
Click here to receive regular updates and news. The FCC announced plans to impose more than $12 million in fines on 600 telecoms that failed to file paperwork last year detailing how they are going to protect the privacy of their customers.  The FCC is seeking the fines because many of the phone companies, internet… Continue Reading

Ninth Circuit to Address Constitutionality of Content-Based Regulation of Video Games

Posted in Gaming, Regulations, Technology
The Ninth Circuit will issue an opinion addressing the constitutionality of content-based regulation on the sale and rental of violent video games in the next few months.  Since policymakers are expressing growing concerns over the possible effects of violent video games on the psychological and emotional well-being of children, this decision is expected to play… Continue Reading

State High Court Finds that Text Message Contest Does Not Violate Anti-Gambling Laws

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media
     Text Message Contest Not Gambling under Georgia Law    On April 21, 2008, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an argument that a promotional contest sponsored by NBC in connection with its hit show, “Deal or No Deal” violated Georgia’s anti-gambling laws. Because of the proliferation of text message-based promotional contests, this decision will likely have… Continue Reading