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Dan to Moderate Panel at the Stern School’s Entertainment, Media and Technology Summit

Posted in Events, Television
On November 6th, Dan will be moderating a panel  titled “Content Distribution in a Digital World” at the 2013 Entertainment, Media and Technology Summit held by NYU’s Stern School of Business, an annual event which brings together business executives  in the entertainment, media and technology industry to discuss the myriad opportunities and challenges for industry stakeholders in the digital media sector.    Dan’s panel will be focusing on the… Continue Reading

Dan to Speak at Cloud Computing West 2013 – Revolutionizing Entertainment and Media

Posted in Cloud, Events
On October 28th, Dan will be participating on a panel  titled “Outstanding Issues for the Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Entertainment and Media Sectors” at the Cloud Computing West 2013 Conference in Las Vegas, a two day event  jointly sponsored by the Cloud Computing Association and the Distributed Computing Industry Association which brings together multiple stakeholders in the cloud-based distribution space (content… Continue Reading

Lindsay to Lead Workshop at Social Media Strategies Summit

Posted in Events, Social Media
On September 17th, Lindsay Orosz will be leading a workshop titled “Think Before You Tweet! – Untangling the Social Media Ecosystem and the Legal Risks That Come Along for the Ride” at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston, a three-day event which brings together executives from top brands to focus on managing successful social media footprints and employing other strategies in… Continue Reading

Dan to Speak at NAB Cloud Computing Conference

Posted in Cloud, Events
Next Tuesday Dan will be participating in a panel entitled “Unique Cloud Based Solutions” as part of DCIA's Cloud Computing Conference being held in conjunction with the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Joining Dan on the panel will be executives from Akamai and IBM. More information on the conference is available here.… Continue Reading

Matt and Dan Participate in “Television and Disruptive Technologies” panel for the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.

Posted in Copyright, Events, Technology, Television
Matt Syrkin recently presented and moderated a presentation for the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. titled, “Television and Disruptive Technologies: Copyright’s New Frontier” at New York City’s Princeton Club. Dan Schnapp and other prominent practitioners served as panelists for the sold-out engagement which addressed the crucial business and legal issues raised by the introduction of… Continue Reading

CLE Webinar “Fashion Extraction” RESCHEDULED

Posted in Events, Technology
Due to the disruption from Hurricane Sandy, we are rescheduling our webinar "Fashion Extraction: Distilling Fashion Law to its Interdisciplinary Core" to Thursday, December 13, 2012 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. EST.   We hope that this will give everyone time to cope with the aftermath from the storm.              To register or… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR to Present CLE Webinar: “Fashion Extraction: “Distilling Fashion Law to its Interdisciplinary Core”

Posted in Events, Technology
The fashion industry’s continued dominance in the commercial marketplace coupled with its successful expansion into the exploitation of social media and other digital platforms has presented the industry with an ever expanding myriad of complex business and legal issues to address. For stakeholders in the space, navigating an evolving landscape of shifting laws, rules and regulations… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR Team at DCM East Conference

Posted in Events, Gaming, Internet, Mobile, Music, News, Technology, Television
The DigitalHHR team will be appearing on several panels at next week’s DCM East conference in New York, a three-day gathering of more than 300 senior executives in the film, TV, sports, publishing, music, news and gaming industries focusing on strategies to build sustainable business and technology models to enable multi-platform delivery and monetization of digital… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: “Crossing the Digital Border: Exploiting Digital Content and Devices Overseas” – May 1, 2012

Posted in Events, Internet, Technology
  On May 1, the DigitalHHR team will present “Crossing the Digital Border: Exploiting Digital Content and Devices Overseas”, the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars. In a world dominated by consumer devices, from tablets to smartphones, the explosive consumption of digital content seems endless, failing to heed the boundaries that separate… Continue Reading

DigitalHHR at Upcoming NAB Show

Posted in Cloud, Events, Firm News
Dan and Wayne will both be participating in panels at the DCIA’s Cloud Computing Conference, which is being held as part of the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 16. The theme for the conference is "Advances in Content Security and Reliability."  Dan will part of a panel entitled "Privacy Issues, Reliability Questions,… Continue Reading

Wayne to Participate in Cloud Computing Panel at CES

Posted in Cloud, Events, Firm News
As part of the DCIA’s “Content in the Cloud” conference, Wayne will take part in a panel discussion entitled “The Impact on Telecommunications Industries of Cloud Computing.”  The discussion will focus on how cloud computing intiatives impact broadband network providers and their ability to manage their IP, utilize network resources and provision new services.  Joining Wayne on the panel… Continue Reading

Panel Moderated by Dan on Copyright Issues in the Cloud Featured in BNA Daily

Posted in Copyright, Events, Press/Publications
A recent panel discussion at the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. on copyright issues arising from emerging cloud technologies, which was moderated by Dan, was featured in BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law Daily.  The panel focused on how the growth of cloud-based distribution platforms and demand for content created novel copyright issues.  As Dan noted, these… Continue Reading

Matt and Dan to participate in Copyright Society panel on Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud, Copyright, Events
Matt Syrkin will be presenting and producing a panel for the New York Chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA titled "Copyright and Content in the Cloud"  featuring Dan Schnapp as a moderator and other prominent practitioners. The panel, scheduled for September 15, 2011, will tackle the critical legal issues raised by the expansion of… Continue Reading

Dan to Participate in “Content in the Cloud” Conference at Upcoming NAB

Posted in Cloud, Events
In conjunction with next week’s annual gathering of the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), a trade organization focues on commercial advancement of cloud computing, is holding a its “Content in the Cloud” conference.  Dan is participating in a panel entitled “The Impact of Cloud Computing on the Consumer Electronics and Telecommunications… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: “App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem” – April 7, 2011

Posted in Advertising, Events, Intellectual Property, Internet, Privacy, Regulations, Technology
On April 7, the Digital HHR team will be presenting "App-endectomy: Removing the Mystery from the App Ecosystem", the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars. The explosive popularity of tablets, smartphones and other Internet-connected consumer devices has ushered in a new technology ecosystem driven by Apps. These self-contained software programs have not… Continue Reading

Wayne to Moderate Panel on “The Future of Digital Media”

Posted in Events
DigitalHHR’s Wayne Josel will moderate a panel as part of a program entitled “The Future of Digital Media: Investment Growth Strategies,” hosted by ACG New York. The program, to be held March 30, will explore the current and future state of digital media and include discussions on current deals being structured and new strategies companies… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: “Forecast: Entertainment in the Cloud” – December 9, 2010

Posted in Cloud, Events
On December 9, the DigitalHHR team will be presenting “Forecast: Entertainment in the Cloud”, the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars.   As the public’s demand for “any content anywhere” grows, entertainment, media and technology companies are turning to the cloud for innovative ways to distribute and monetize content. Through initiatives like digital… Continue Reading

Wayne to Moderate Panel at Digital Hollywood New York Conference

Posted in Cloud, Events, Mobile, Technology, Television
DigitalHHR’s Wayne Josel will be moderating a panel at the upcoming Digital Hollywood New York conference.  Entitled "Cloud Media & the Connected PC-TV-Mobile Universe: The New Face of the Digital Consumer", the panel will feature top executives from Verizon, HP, ActiveVideo Networks, Thwapr and IBB Consulting in a discussion on new initiatives to deliver content… Continue Reading

Matt to Speak on Panel at Princeton Club

Posted in Events, Music
Next week, Matthew Syrkin will present a panel on music licensing and related copyright issues to the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.  The panel, entitled “Beg, Borrow or Steal – Exploring Practical Solutions to the Music Sampling Debate” will take place on Monday, Oct. 18 at noon at the Princeton Club in Midtown.  Panelists will… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: CLE Webinar on Privacy in a De-Centralized Digital World – September 21, 2010

Posted in Events, Firm News, Privacy
On September 21, the DigitalHHR team will be presenting "Whose Data Is It Anyway: Privacy and Data Security in a De-centralized Digital World", the next in its on-going series of live, CLE-accredited webinars.  As individuals increasingly rely on mobile, cloud computing and social networking applications, they reveal more and more of their personal information which… Continue Reading

Matt to Speak on Panel at NYC Bar Center

Posted in Events, Firm News, Internet, Technology
Matt Syrkin will be speaking at the New York City Bar Center for Continuing Legal Education on the topic of Internet rights and technology, along with attorneys from Hunton & Williams LLP, Holland & Knight LLP, and Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C. One of the most popular New York City Bar events, the conference, titled… Continue Reading

HHR Represents Consumer Group in Challenge to California Video Game Law

Posted in Events, Gaming
The Entertainment Consumers Association (“ECA”) has retained Hughes Hubbard and the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic to assist it in submission of an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court in a case with potentially wide-ranging impact on the video game industry.  The case, Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association, involves a California law that… Continue Reading

Digital HHR Presents: CLE Webinar on TV Everywhere – March 11, 2010

Posted in Events, Television
The latest in our on-going series of CLE-accredited Webinars will focus on the critical legal and business issues and questions raised by the emerging phenomenon of “TV Everywhere,” a digital platform agnostic solution that promises to enable pay TV subscribers online access to their programming wherever they may consume it via an Internet enabled device. Our… Continue Reading