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#ThinkBeforeYouPin: FTC Considers “Pinning” by Contest Entrants an Endorsement Requiring Disclosure

Posted in Advertising, Contest/Sweepstakes, Fashion, Internet, Regulations, Social Media, Technology
Over the past decade, social media has emerged as one of the world’s most dominant marketing tools for obvious reasons:  it is cost-effective, easily accessible, highly scalable and can dramatically increase brand awareness across multiple outlets and platforms.  Arguably, the most advantageous aspect of social media marketing is the ability for companies — both large… Continue Reading

Social Networking Games, Sweepstakes, Promotions and the New Apps: Developing the Fine Line of Legality

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media, Technology
Over the last year, social networking sites, most notably those with a developer platform such as Facebook, have become hotbeds for virtual goods purchases, social gaming, sweepstakes and advertising-based promotions.  Many of these are based on custom-designed and developed third party applications and widgets, which are veritable revenue drivers for the platform operators.  Several months… Continue Reading

State High Court Finds that Text Message Contest Does Not Violate Anti-Gambling Laws

Posted in Contest/Sweepstakes, Gaming, Mobile, Social Media
     Text Message Contest Not Gambling under Georgia Law    On April 21, 2008, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an argument that a promotional contest sponsored by NBC in connection with its hit show, “Deal or No Deal” violated Georgia’s anti-gambling laws. Because of the proliferation of text message-based promotional contests, this decision will likely have… Continue Reading