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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Cloud Computing, Digital Lockers and Copyright: The Cloudification of Entertainment (Update)

Posted in Cloud, Copyright, Music, Technology
It is no surprise that the move to the cloud is in full swing. New methods of content distribution and consumption, coupled with the widespread proliferation of IP-enabled consumer devices, are driving the public’s relentless desire for “any content anywhere”.  The success of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon on Demand, Flickr, and the emergence of novel content… Continue Reading

Matt and Dan to participate in Copyright Society panel on Cloud Computing

Posted in Cloud, Copyright, Events
Matt Syrkin will be presenting and producing a panel for the New York Chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA titled "Copyright and Content in the Cloud"  featuring Dan Schnapp as a moderator and other prominent practitioners. The panel, scheduled for September 15, 2011, will tackle the critical legal issues raised by the expansion of… Continue Reading