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  • Some good news for Yahoo for a change as its stock jumps 7% on a report that Jonathan Miller, former CEO of AOL, is talking with private and sovereign equity funds about funding a buy-out of the company.  More details here.
  • Maybe some good news for the economy??  E-commerce sales jumped 15% on Cyber Monday, according to a report by comScore.
  • MySpace is rolling out a new service to enable members to look at video clips embedded on their home pages via their mobile phones.  The service will be free to users, with MySpace bundling the video clips with ads.  More information here.
  • Goldman Sachs is looking into launching an online bank.  The move appears to be one of the initiatives that GS is undertaking to expand its asset base now that it is a bank holding company.  Here’s the report from the Wall Street Journal detailing the news.